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My name is John Birkin.  Born in 1946, I have lived in South Wales since 1969.  Now widowed, I have two children and two grandchildren.  


I was saved in 1964 through the ministry of a Pentecostal pastor whose ministry had a deep influence on my life for many years, making real to me the supernatural dimension of a normal Christian life, and introducing me to the ministry of William Branham.  


From my first year of conversion, thanks in large measure to the influence of these two men, a love for the Word entered deep within me.  Along with it came a desire to teach others.  Since then I have taught many, young and old, in homes, churches, seminars and conferences, both in the UK and overseas, by preaching and writing.  





The reason for this website is to make more widely available to others, in written, audio and video formats, what the Lord has given to me over the years.  


Particular attention has been given to the theme of the mystery of godliness (God manifest in flesh, both of His Son and of His children) and to the Church's loss and recovery of her original calling, with special emphasis on the end time period.  Although over the years I have covered all parts of the Bible, in recent years I have majored on the need to make ready for the soon return of the Lord.  


Finally, I have wanted to collect and make available information and resources about the ministry of William Branham, a man sent from God with a vital message to prepare the way, and the people, for the Second Coming of Christ.



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